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Make your own Wedding Rings Workshop


J.Noelle Jewelry Studio offers you the unique opportunity to make your own wedding bands through personal instruction.  Miami jeweler, Jessica Noelle, will work by your side to ensure that you create heirloom quality rings.  By making each others rings they will become rich with love and memories, in a way that store bought rings never can.

The Basics:

* Anyone can do it!

*Basic rings can be made in about 4 hours

*Personal instruction = 1 couple per workshop

*Leave with your finished rings the day of the class

*The average price range to fabricate a set of 14k gold rings is $800-$1500

*We work with 100% recycled metals sourced from a USA based, eco conscious refinery.

*Workshop takes place in a real, private  jewelry making studio.  This is a private, casual atmosphere at a jewelers bench with tools that are lightly covered in gold dust.

*Workshops are scheduled for one couple at a time.

Contact Jessica to schedule your wedding ring workshop or to get more info:

Tel: 860-333-3719


Insta: J.Noelle.Jewelry


Real Couples

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